A1 Poster (in English, Portuguese and Greek)

Banner (in English, Portuguese and Greek)

Public deliverables

D6.2 Project Website and Social Media Channels

The present deliverable is “Other” in nature, i.e. it is not a report. For convenience, we provide a short report about the structure and the features of the EMB3Rs website and the EMB3Rs social media channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, ResearchGate and YouTube.

The EMB3Rs website is set up along the details of Task 6.2 described in the Work Plan Table of Annex 1 “Innovation Action” of the Grant Agreement and the rules governing in the  Consortium Agreement signed by the partners.

D6.3 Dissemination Kit: Poster, Banner and Brochure

Dissemination and awareness activities are a core part of the EMB3Rs project and will ensure that the tools and results developed within the project are communicated and exploited by relevant target audiences.

In order to reach this objective, i.e. to promote the project to both stakeholders, policy makers, potential investors and the public, a number of different dissemination and communication tools are required.

As outlined in D6.1, a dissemination kit – including brochure, A1 poster and roll-up poster – is part of the communication strategy. The brochures are for wide, individual distribution to potential end‐users and other stakeholders, the posters support the communication of EMB3Rs project at fairs and conferences.

The dissemination kit was originally scheduled for M6 (see D6.1). As a new partner joined in M6, its approval of the print material had to be awaited. Thus the scheduled date of D6.3 was updated to M8 in the project‘s amendment request.